SavageJet Tactical Aerial Launcher


Tactical Aerial Launcher



  •     4.5 ft. Wingspan x 6 ft. Long - Harrier AV-8B or F-35B Design
  •     Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) with Thrust-Vectoring for Outstanding Maneuverability
  •     Solid-State Lithium Battery for Extended Range
  •     Maximum Speed - 125 mph
  •     Extended Long-Range C-UAS Mitigation
  •     High-Speed AI-Based Microprocessor
  •     EO/IR Drone Detection and Tracking
  •     Equipped with Gimballed EO/IR for Quick Day/Night Pursuit
  •     GPS Equipped and Communication via Wi-Fi and Radio
  •     Human (Android Tablet) and/or Autonomous Flight Control
  •     Carbon Fiber and Aluminum for Light Rugged Construction
  •     Armed with up to (6) 40mm SAVAGE Missiles or other Ordnance

  •     Vertical Take Off & Landing 

Presently we are using a MiG-29 working prototype as our test bed. It has the same wingspan, length, and payload capacity as the Harrier and F-35 Lightning. Here the MiG-29 prototype is in simulated flight carrying six 40mm SAVAGE missiles.

The VTOL SavageJets above are being developed primarily for use by US Special Operations where limited space is available for take off and landing.

For much longer reach we are also developing a steathy F-22 Raptor of slightly larger size equipped with (4-8) SAVAGE air-to-air missiles and employing a liquid-fuel gas turbine.

This will greatly extend the capability of SavageJet with higher speed and significantly longer engagement range. It will be equipped with our AI-based computer vision and GPS. A small and less expensive version of DARPA's "Longshot" R&D project designed to destroy hostile sUAS and other aerial threats.

The video above is the SavageJet F-22 in action.

All of our Aerial Launchers will be Made in the USA.