Tactical Aerial Launcher


The F-35B SavageJet can be utilized to extend the range of our C-UAV weapon systems. With a top speed of 250 mph, max altitude 15,000 feet, and a combined speed of Mach 1.2 for the SAVAGE micro-missile, the SavageJet can reach targets outside the range of the ground-based weapon system. It can also partner with SAVAGE Mobile for a multi-layered defense.

Made in the USA

  •     F-35B SavageJet - 1:10 Scale (3.5 ft. Wingspan x 5 ft. Long)

  •     Outstanding Maneuverability
  •     Vertical Take Off and Landing - VTOL
  •     Top speed 250 mph and max altitude 15,000 feet

  •     Extended Long-Range for C-UAV Mitigation
  •     High-Speed AI-Powered SAVAGE Flight Computer with Computer Vision

  •     Day/Night Drone Detection and Tracking
  •     GPS Equipped and Communication via Wi-Fi and Radio with SAVAGE Mobile
  •     Human or Autonomous Flight Control

  •     Carbon Fiber for Light Rugged Construction
  •     VTOL Designed for Limited Operating Space