SavageJet Tactical Aerial Launcher


Tactical Aerial Launcher



  •     4.5 ft. Wingspan x 6 ft. Long - F-22 Raptor and MiG-29

  •     Liquid-Fuel Turbine Engine with Thrust-Vectoring for Outstanding Maneuverability
  •     Maximum Speed - 250 mph

  •     Extended Long-Range for C-UAS Mitigation
  •     High-Speed AI-Based Microprocessor

  •     EO/IR Drone Detection and Tracking
  •     GPS Equipped and Communication via Wi-Fi and Radio
  •     Human (Android Tablet) and/or Autonomous Flight Control

  •     Carbon Fiber and Aluminum for Light Rugged Construction
  •     Armed with up to (6) 40mm SAVAGE Missiles or other Ordnance

Presently we are using a MiG-29 EDF working prototype as our test bed. It has the same wingspan, length, and payload capacity as the F-22 Raptor. Here the MiG-29 prototype is in simulated flight carrying six 40mm SAVAGE missiles. It will be upgraded to a liquid-fuel gas turbine like the F-22 Raptor.

For long range and high altitude necessary to mitigate Group 3 drones we are also developing a steathy F-22 Raptor equipped with (4-6) SAVAGE air-to-air missiles and employing a liquid-fuel gas turbine.

This will greatly extend the capability of SavageJet with higher speed and significantly longer engagement range. Both jets will be equipped with our AI-based computer vision and GPS. A small and less expensive version of DARPA's "Longshot" R&D project designed to destroy hostile sUAS and other aerial threats.

The video above is the SavageJet F-22 in action.

All of our Aerial Launchers will be Made in the USA.