Savage Air

Tactical Aerial Launcher


The F-35B SavageJet can be utilized to extend the range of our SkyDefense weapon system. With a top speed of 250 mph and a combined speed of Mach 1.2 for the SAVAGE Air-To-Air micro-missile, the SavageJet can reach targets outside the range of the ground-based weapon system. It can also partner with Savage Mobile for a multi-layered defense.

Made in the USA

  •     F-35B SavageJet - 1:7 Scale (5 ft. Wingspan x 7 ft. Long)

  •     Outstanding Maneuverability
  •     Vertical Take Off and Landing - VTOL
  •     Combined Speed of Missile - Mach 1.2

  •     Extended Long-Range for C-UAS Mitigation
  •     High-Speed AI-Powered Microprocessor with Eagle Eyes Computer Vision

  •     Day/Night Drone Detection and Tracking
  •     GPS Equipped and Communication via Wi-Fi and Radio with SkyDefense
  •     Human or Autonomous Flight Control

  •     Carbon Fiber for Light Rugged Construction
  •     VTOL Designed for Limited Operating Space   

Future SkyDefense Air

We do not know what the future holds for hostile UAVs from certain countries, some of these drones may be capable of supersonic speed.  If that possibility becomes a reality, we need to be prepared.

This SR-71 Blackbird carbon fiber model can be fitted with twin jet engines, a rocket engine booster, AI-powered Eagle Eyes computer vision, and two Mach 1.0 SAVAGE Air-To-Air micro-missiles. The combined speed of the SR-71 fired missiles would be Mach 2.0 giving us a better chance of mitigating these advanced high-speed threats.