An autonomous drone swarm like this could attack Oil Refineries, Oil Tankers, Pipelines, Nuclear Plants, Military Bases, Airports, Navy Ships, Government Buildings, Electrical Grids, Schools, Stadiums, Dignitaries, Etc.· The counter response needs to be immediate, fast, and overwhelming. SAVAGETM is capable of neutralizing such an attack using AI-powered computer vision and machine learning to launch a successful defense.

Current C-UAS defenses rely on RF detection and RF jamming to defeat hostile drones. These technologies will soon be ineffective against autonomous drones using GPS and/or electro-optical sensors. Directed energy weapons such as lasers or high powered microwaves are  expensive with serious limitations, and can be dangerous for friendly manned aircraft in many situations.

SAVAGETM along with SkyDefenseTM       is a low-cost, reliable, effective, and safe counter unmanned aerial vehicle weapon system.

Video Animation from U.S. Air Force


Counter-UAS Kinetic Weapon System

SQL-44 Quad Launcher - Man-Portable Launcher for SAVAGETM Micro Missiles, Rapid-Fire Semi-Automatic Operation.


SkyDefenseTM is a comprehensive command and control "C2" system integrated with SAVAGE micro missiles and launchers, providing the customer with a complete C-UAS kinetic hard-kill weapon system.