Mobile Land and Sea Platforms

Mobile Land Platforms

US Military forces have for years employed various mobile platforms to provide offensive capability on the move for its warfighters. These vehicles could be equipped with a variety of SAVAGETM missile launchers to detect, track and mitigate hostile drones approaching from any direction.

Other smaller, lighter multi-tube launchers are being developed for mobile platforms such as the Polaris MRZR to the left, and the SOCOM Special Operations Vehicle shown below.

Mobile Sea Platforms

It is also possible to equip an autonomous surface vessel like the Metal Shark (LRUSV) shown on the left with a SAVAGE multi-tube launcher equipped with fifty or more SAVAGETM micro missiles to protect US and Allied naval ships from a drone attack.

These AI-enabled surface vessels would be equipped with long range radar to detect and track hostile UAVs and take immediate action to neutralize the threat.