Savage Mobile


Savage Mobile is a complete C-UAS weapon system mounted on a 4-wheel drive truck. These highly capable EV vehicles are equipped with C2 software, Eagle Eyes AI-powered computer vision day/night cameras, long-range acoustic listening, and SAVAGETM Surface-to-Air micro- missiles.

  • Rugged off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle
  • Temperature-controlled cabin for operator(s)
  • Silent, highly-mobile platform
  • Eagle Eyes AI-powered day/night cameras for drone detection and tracking
  • Long-range acoustic listening for drone detection
  • Custom C2 software with user interface
  • 25-tube SAVAGE launcher mounted in truck bed on electrically raised platform
  • Solar panels to keep vehicle batteries charged
  • Trailer for carrying VTOL SavageJets for multi-layer defense.
  • Communications with SkyDefense platform or other Savage Mobile units

Made in the USA