SAVAGETM Guided Missiles

40/50mm missiles

SAVAGETM (Smart Anti-Vehicle Aerial Guided Engagement) Micro Missile with AI-Based Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Made in the USA.

SAVAGETM 44mm Carbon Fiber Micro Missile

  • Patented Smart Weapon Design
  • Long-Burn Solid-Fuel Propellant

  • Active Flight Controls for Extraordinary Agility

  • Max Velocity - Mach 1.2
  • Maximum Range - 5 km or 10 km
  • High-Speed AI-Based Microprocessor
  • On-Board Communication

  • Computer Vision Algorithms and Dataset
  • Autonomous Drone Detection and Tracking

  • Day/Night Capable

  • Wide Selection of Payloads (Kinetic Impact, Explosives, Etc.)
  • Neutralize a Swarm of Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 Drones
  • Ground, Mobile, or Airborne Platforms
  • Rugged Construction - Carbon Fiber/Lexan/Aluminum