Portable Launchers

Quad Launcher can be equipped with various optics or with the video monitor as shown. It can be shoulder-fired or mounted on a tripod. Armed with four SAVAGE micro-missiles, Quad Launcher can be an important part of a multi-layered defense.

Made in the USA

  • Quad Launcher with SAVAGE Missiles
  • Rapid-Fire Semi-Automatic Launcher
  • 3 ft. Long x 24 lbs. Loaded
  • Breach Loading for Quick Reload
  • Equipped with Optics or Optional Video Monitor
  • All Weather Aluminum Construction

SAVAGE-S Micro Missile is a Smaller Version of our SAVAGE Missile Designed to Mitigate Group 1 Drones with Kinetic Impact Energy. SAVAGE-S is Fired from a Six Round, Man-Portable Launcher Shown Below.

Made in the USA.

40mm Micro-Missile

• Maximum Range – 1km

• Maximum Velocity - Mach 0.5

• “Fire and Forget” Guided Missile

•  AI-Powered Computer Vision
• Drone Tracking w/Proximity Detection
• Kinetic Impact Warhead

• Day/Low-Light Capable