Video Animation from U.S. Air Force

Videos and Testing

A drone swarm attack like this one can cause catastrophic destruction and loss of life. The counter response needs to be immediate, fast, and overwhelming. SAVAGETM is capable of neutralizing such an attack using AI-Based Computer Vision and Machine Learning to launch a multi-layered defense.


This video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site, or NNSS, highlighting the unique counter-unmanned aerial systems, C-UAS, research being conducted in the remote Nevada desert inside highly secure airspace. It says that the site is the most capable and secure testing facility for UAS and C-UAS platforms, largely through being so isolated.

Port Gaston personnel say in the video that they are able to accommodate almost any type of testing involving drones or anti-drone technologies. The site offers a rare, nearly restriction-free environment for research and development to take place in a real-world setting. “We literally have the ultimate playground for national security testing,” says Jim McDonnell, Strategic Advisor for Global Security at the site. “If you can imagine it, we can do it here.”

 We will be conducting testing of our SAVAGETM C-UAS weapon systems at Port Gaston later this year.


For realistic tests against hostile "suicide" UAVs that our customers will likely face, we will be conducting SAVAGETM   C-UAS tests in Nevada against a group of 1:9 scale, fast, fixed-wing MiG-29 jet drone targets like the one shown on the left.